U6 - U18 boys and girls play to modified laws designed to make the game safer and more enjoyable.

The aim of the Pathway laws, is to provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games that allows each player to develop their individual skills, fitness and team work best suited to their physical maturity and understanding of the game. 


U6 - U9

The U6 & U7 age groups are introduced to basic rugby skills through a non-contact 7-a-side weekly competition.

The U8 & U9 age groups then progress to a 10-a-side and 12-a-side tackle competition.

Competition Dates: Saturday April 23 - August 13, 2022.

Contact your local rugby club for more info!

U10 - U12

The Kids Pathway laws have been developed to increase activity levels for maximum participation and enjoyment.

The Pathway provides an integrated and consistent approach to the development of U6 to U12 players, coaches and referees nationally.

Competition Dates: Sunday May 15 - August 14, 2022

The U12 Simon Abubakar Carnival will make a return in 2022. 


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YOUTH U13 - U18

The U18 Australian Law Variations continue the progression from the Kid's Pathway (U6-U12) through to junior representative opportunities.

The priority is to provide the players with opportunities to learn by trying it for themselves and the stages through this age ranger are stepped to allow for progressive development of every individual.

Games are further intended to develop individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their age and understanding of the game.

This age spectrum covers:

Training to Train; and

Training to Compete

The U18 Australian Law Variations form the basis of Rugby Australia's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model focusing on progressive of all core skills (attack - catch/pass/support, attack - kicking/defence/contact) with increased pressure.

In 2021, the following age grades/divisions will apply

U15 - stand alone age grade competition

U16 - stand alone age grade competition

U17/U18 - Junior Colts competition

U13 - U16 Competition Dates: Sunday 2 May - 12 September, 2021

U18 Lightning Series I: Sunday 21 February - 28 March, 2021

U18 Lightning Series II: Sunday 2 May - 20 June, 2021 


The interest in Girls Rugby has grown with the recent success of our Aussie 7s Women's team winning Gold at the Inaugural 7s Rio Olympics in 2016 and being named Champions on the Worlds Sevens Series Circuit.

Girls aged 5-12 years participate alongside the boys in the BJRU Competition.

Girls aged 9, 10 & 11 years old can participate in a 5 week Skills Clinics run alongside our Term 3 Girls 7s Competition.


From 12 years and up, girls can play in a girls only 10s & XVs competition in Term 1, or girls only 7s Competition in Terms 2 and 3.

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U12 & U14 10s Competition Dates: Sunday 21 February - 28 March, 2021

U16 & U18 XVs Development (Pilot) Program: Sunday 21 February - 28 March, 2021

U12 - U18 Girls 7s (Term 2): Sunday 2 May - 20 June, 2021

U12 - U18 Girls 7s (Term 3): Sunday 18 July - 5 September, 2021

It is an exciting time for girls wanting to play rugby with a number of opportunities to learn and develop and have fun with their friends. 


The Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a new, modified form of touch-only rugby, developed by GingerCloud Foundation, where each boy and girl with a learning and perceptual disability has their own club PlayerMentor on the field supporting them.


Through the program, children experience the sheer thrill of playing rugby, often for the very first time. In fact, many have never been able to play a team sport before.


The MRP aims to move boys and girls with learning and perceptual disabilities off the sidelines and into the main game. The program encourages boys and girls to play rugby as part of their local junior rugby club community.

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